Forum stopped working two days ago under Opera

I don’t know why that is but everything else is working for me on the internet. And everything was working also two days ago here. But the day before yesterday, this forum stopped working for me. It’s just a blank page.
I can still use the forum with Chrome. But not with Opera, which is a bit inconvenient since Opera is my main browser.
I thought I would signal it, since, really, everything else on the internet is working for me, and even this forum was working two days ago. Maybe I’m not the only one to encounter problems to access the forum.

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I’m using Opera as my primary browser, and the forum is working fine for me. Opera version 78.0.4093.184.

Whenever I encounter something like that on the Internet, I open the browser dev tools and look at the JavaScript console, or Network tab. Often there’s a red error in there that gives clues on what’s going on. It can also help to try in a private/incognito tab, just to see if there’s some cache, cookie or browser extension that is the culprit.

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