Installing on 32 bit

How do I run the Elm compiler on 32 bit Alpine Linux?

I’ve never tried but something along the lines of what is described here to compile for raspberry pi might work? GitHub - dmy/elm-raspberry-pi: Unofficial Elm Arm 32 bits binaries for Raspberry Pi

EDIT: the above was regarding the “32bit”. Regarding the “Alpine” part, you might draw inspiration from that dockerfile compiler/Dockerfile at c9aefb6230f5e0bda03205ab0499f6e4af924495 · elm/compiler · GitHub. With both I hope you’ll manage to compile elm.

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I recently tried getting the elm compiler running on a 32 bit arch linux machine. I wound up giving up and SSHing into a 64 bit machine.


I believe you’d need to install a 32-bit version of GHC (a Haskell compiler) and then build the Elm compiler from source.

I think the Dockerfile linked from @mattpiz gives a rough outline of what that’d be like, though it’ll be up to you to find a version of GHC that can produce 32-bit binaries on whatever platform you are on.

I might do this. I would have to do it with a cloud linux environment.

I tried downloading this 32 bit binary and installing gcompat to make it work on alpine linux, but it gives this error when running elm:

execve: No such file or directory

Sorry I have never tried using this so can’t help now. I have an old raspberry pi waiting somewhere. If I find it, I’ll try installing alpine on it and see if I can help, but that certainly won’t be soon.

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