Learning Elm through Pragmatic Studio Course - Reviews?

Hi, first post. Has anyone taken this course by Pragmatic Studio?

I’m new to Elm (and FP), and this course popped up when searching for learning resources.

Curious as to whether it’s worth buying ($65)?

Edit: I’m mostly do Python dev work right now.

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Several years ago, Elm used to have this powerful yet confusing concept called “signals”. Pragmatic Studios had a dedicated course on the topic by the same presenter (Mike Clark).

The course was a real light-bulb moment for me :bulb: and a concept that had previously been really confusing made so much sense. It was well presented, had lots of helpful visualizations, and had source code examples I could download and modify.

Note that since then, Elm has been streamlined and signals were removed so that course isn’t really relevant anymore.

TL;DR I haven’t taken this course specifically but I was extremely satisfied with a different Pragmatic Studios Elm course I took by the same presenter several years ago :+1:

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Nice, thanks for that review.

I went ahead and bought it and going through it now. I’ll post my thoughts when I complete the course.

Yes, I did a Pragmatic Studio course on Elm last year, and found it very helpful.

The pace was exactly right; that is, half the time I understood ahead of time what was going on and wanted them to hurry up, and half the time I was out of my depth and wanted them to slow down.

They have a new course coming up on Elm + Elixir + Phoenix, which I may well subscribe to.


Awesome! yeah I’m really enjoying it so far. Perfect length of videos and pace.

Just looked at that site and noticed they are advertising a Elixir-Phoenix-Elm class to be released soon with an early signup https://pragmaticstudio.com/unpacked-bingo

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I have taken all their Elm courses.

They are just great for beginners - very easy to follow, very methodical.

Highly recommend.

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I’m just learning Elm but I loved it. could not put it away!