Looking for an ELM developer

Job Description
We are looking for a talented, ambitious front-end developer. You will assist us with the frontend architecture, planning and development of our delivery management software.
The ideal candidate must be highly motivated individual, self-starter with good communication and team collaboration skills.

Skills & Requirements
• 3+ year front end development experience
• Strong knowledge of current javascript language
• In-depth knowledge of DOM optimisation and profiling techniques
• Experience with HTML and CSS
• Experience with unit and function testing
• Source control and build tools
• Ruby on Rails knowledge is a plus
• Experience in Elm is a plus
About Paack
Paack is a two hour eCommerce delivery solution. We connect omni-retailers’ stores in major cities with Paack´s convenient delivery fleet in order to create the fastest eCommerce delivery solution available in Europe.

Paack delivery solution has been specially created for omni-channel retailers that want to enhance their customer’s experience when buying online. Paack is a growing startup with consistent double digit growth every month.
The Team

Paack is composed of an international team of professionals with a solid background and extensive experience in different fields. The initial team was formed in Barcelona, ??but Paack materialized in Dubai (UAE) with the help of a team of international engineers. The team is complemented by the Paackers, autonomous professionals from the courier and express parcel sector.

If you can move to Spain and have an European passport, or a working permit in Spain send me an email with your CV and we can have a chat : christopher@akuaro,com


It’s great to see Elm job openings in Spain. I hope this is a growing trend :blush:.

I’d recommend you to also post this offer in the channel #jobs and #spain in Slack, and maybe also in @elmjobs_ in twitter.

Good luck!

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