Oslo Elm Day 2019 – CFP is open

Oslo Elm Day is happening (again) February 16 2019! The CfP is open and available here (closing December 1). Subscribe to our newsletter at https://osloelmday.no. Full webpage with more information will be up soon.



I’m Erik, one of the organizers of Oslo Elm Day.

I’d love to hear if you are considering attending the conference.

Last year we had quite a few foreigners attending, but we’d love to have more.
What would it take for you to make the trip?


As the organizer of another Elm conference, getting more attendees is publicity, but it’s also super helpful to allay the fears that people have and answer their questions. Here are some I have right now:

  • what airlines would you recommend to get to Oslo, especially from the US/Canada? What’s the best way to get to the city center from the airport? (I remember the train being very nice but cheaper options were available.)
  • what hotels would you recommend? Are there any hostels that you’ve had success recommending to guests?
  • how can I eat inexpensively? (I remember Norwegians telling me that restaurant culture is very expensive, and that it’s normal for folks to buy groceries and prepare meals together—what would be nice to do as a vistor?)
  • will there be events either before or after the conference?

And for everyone else: please go to this conference! The 2017 version was absolutely wonderful. Oslo is a beautiful city, the organizers are excellent hosts, and the conference itself was very professionally put together. It’s worth your time and effort to get out to this, especially if you live in Europe!


Brian’s questions prompted me to ask some that have been at the back of my mind as well:

  • Who is organising this conference? Is it a company? A group of individuals? It might not make a huge difference to some, but I feel more reassured if I can understand the context. The website and form didn’t give me much to go on :slight_smile:
  • How many speakers are you aiming to have? Are any of them invited, or is it only through the CFP? This can help folks plan accordingly and manage their expectations.
  • Is there a Code of Conduct for the event?
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Not an organizer, just a random weirdo, but I can offer a few tips:

Norwegian is probably your best bet. It’s cheap, based in Oslo and offers many direct flights to/from North America. SAS is the other major airline based in Oslo, and offers many of the same routes but tends to be slightly more expensive. Might still be worth it if you’re corporate and a member of the Star Alliance or something, but odds are you’re not :slight_smile:

I’d recommend taking a local or regional train. Local buses might be cheaper (though I’m not so sure they actually are), but take much longer and are of course much more uncomfortable. The airport bus is actually more expensive. For maximum comfort take the airport train, which is just slightly more expensive than the airport bus, but much faster and more comfortable.

I don’t know where it’s going to be yet, so I have no specific tips to offer here. But there aren’t many hostels in central Oslo. B&Bs or Airbnb might be better options on the cheap end. Hotels are generally expensive.

Try to eat a lot before you come, maybe? :laughing: You can buy ready-made sandwiches and some hot dishes in whatever size portion you want in most supermarkets. For decently cheap Norwegian dining I’d recommend trying Kaffistova at Hotell Bondeheimen. They offer both lunch and dinner a la carte in a very informal setting. Also, stay away from alcohol :roll_eyes:


this is what I took last year! It was extremely nice; they even had quiet zones so weary travelers could sleep on the way home.

Because of the price, specifically?

Only on the regional trains though :slight_smile:

Yes, I think the average price in bars in Oslo is about 10$ for a half-litre of beer :man_shrugging:

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Another question re prospective speakers: is there a speaker package? ie. will the travel / accomodation / … costs be covered by the conference? What limits are there (maybe they’re different for USA / Europe / …)?


Thank you so much for your kind words, Brian! We loved having you as as speaker last year :blush:
It is absolutely helpful to learn what kind of question potential attendees might have :+1:t2:

We’ll probably have some sort of community event Friday night as well, to make it a full weekend :slight_smile:

Great question! We’ve written about this on Twitter :point_down:t2:

Great question! This is one of the things we’ve scoped out for the landing page (we just wanted to get the word out), but the full webpage will include much more information about this (ready in a week or two). Some information can be found on the webpage for the 2017 edition.

It is a non-profit conference organized by a group of individuals in the local Elm community. We don’t aim to make any profits, but if we do, these funds will be donated in their entirety to the Oslo Elm meetup group (it’s hard to plan for zero profit without running the risk of a small deficit in case something happens).

Last year’s conference had ten speakers (from USA, Germany, France, Wales and Norway).

We will probably have around the same amount this time, or possibly a few more.

Yes – it will be available when the full website launches.
See the CoC for the 2017 conference here.

Thanks for your help, @glennsl!

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To anyone considering submitting a talk proposal, I’d like to remind you that we’re doing a so-called “double blind” review process. This means that the reviewers will not see your identify and only have the talk title, description and outline revealed to them.

This is an attempt to make the process as fair and unbiased as possible.

This also means that everyone will be on an equal footing, new and experienced speakers alike!


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