Basic Elm/elm-ui/Parcel.js setup

I figured this might be useful to a few people. This repo has my basic standard Elm app setup with Parcel.js (I love their ease-of-use and interface all-around), elm-ui, and elm-test.


I notice this uses hot reloading. Does that play nicely with Elm’s built in time-travelling debugger, or can you not compile with --debug?

I haven’t given it super extensive use yet (it’s only recently I got it setup the way I wanted), but in my experiences so far, the debugger has worked fine with this setup. It is automatically enabled in dev mode and disabled for production builds. That said, if you have apps where you’re encountering the Elm 0.19 compiler bugs that the debugger triggers, you may want to downgrade the Parcel version to one that doesn’t auto-enable the debugger until the compiler bug is resolved.

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Along the same lines, @kalutheo and I created a CLI tool that generates scaffolding for Elm apps that build with parcel.


Ooh! Nice! I didn’t know about this one!

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