Using Elm and Parcel for zero configuration web asset management

We’ve recently ditched Webpack for Parcel and I wanted to write a short guide on how to get started and what a difference it makes.

Let me know if you have some questions :slight_smile:


I’ve amended the blog post with a HMR plugin for parcel:

Happy asseting :slight_smile:


I’ve switched to Parcel recently too. It’s quite amazing: I’ve haven’t wrote a single line of configuration!


Thanks for your “short post” re Parcel & Elm. It works great. But I’ll miss the Elm debugger. Can you elaborate on what you meant by:

--debug when using a server (this change hasn’t been released yet)

I understand that node-elm-compiler is being used under the covers, but I can’t work out how it’s being called. It’s docs indicate that –debug support was dded in v4.0.0, so who is it that must release the change?


Hi @CSSian,

there’s, so you can install parcel from the master branch (or wait until the release).

I see. Yeah, there is quite a bit of chatter in Parcel’s github issues on this.
Thanks very much for the link!

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