Schelme, a scheme inspired scripting language for elm

Just published this to elm packages! I had a lot of fun writing it.

It has incremental execution, so you can pause scripts and come back later. There’s a robot demo where the bots get 100 evals per animation frame. If you’re so inclined you can write your bot code and it gets saved in the url, for colossally long urls. Also theres a basic demo that shows the available prelude functions.


Very cool! Said the guy who’s been making a living writing Common Lisp for all but twelve years since 1984 (rung up groceries for 3 years and wrote Progress 4GL and Java for nine). Well, before 1990 it was Lisp Machine lisp.

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Nice! I learned scheme from the classic Abelson and Sussman book in college around that same era, but didn’t use lisp again until I had a clojure gig for a couple of years. Its still hard to beat for elegant simplicity.

SICP was the course text for Sussman’s class at MIT, shortly after he wrote it.

I wrote a Scheme '79 interpreter, in 1979, for an LSI-11/23, in PDP-11 assembler, with lots of macros. It had 128K of RAM, 64K was used by the OS (RT-11), and the other 64K was reserved for the Scheme heap. Classic mark/sweep/compress garbage collector.

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