Show: Elm <-> Expo (React Native) bridge proof of concept

More details in the project Readme at:

Note, that this project uses a different approach than elm-native-ui, more low-level, resembling the one employed by elm-ios. The advantage is better “impedance match” (similar as in elm-ios); the disadvantage is that it’s much more low level (discards practically all helper abstractions which are written in JS in the React Native library).

Interestingly, it does not use any kernel code at all in the Elm packages (!), instead moving all JS to a completely external helper/“glue” module. This should allow for easy packaging of the modules for reuse/distribution in future (as a 2-part, Elm+npm combo), and hopefully maybe even for easy compatibility with Elm 0.19 (but this I don’t know).


Moderation note:

Please do not take this topic as an opportunity to lobby for direct JS interop, access to Kernel modules, or ports in packages. We have been very clear that these things will not happen. For a refresher see here. This project is very interesting but does not influence these existing decisions.

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