Small, self-contained, boilerplate for Elm 0.19 experimentation

For those wanting to experiment with Elm 0.19 without replacing their current 0.18 install, I’ve built a little self-contained 0.19 minimal boilerplate repo. I’ve build it for my own personal experimentation here but thought it might help those here who are curious:


  • Elm 0.19 self-contained in node_modules
  • elm-live also in node_modules
  • Scripts for building and launching a dev server
  • Support for Unix & Windows 10

(ps, I’ve just built this, be gentle…)


You can also use this to switch between different versions of Elm:


Just a suggestion: you can drop all the sh and bat stuff when using npm scripts, since you already have it in place. Inside the script you may have to do $(npm bin)/elm-live to get both windows and unix working. Another option is to just drop bat and use WSL on Windows, much easier :slight_smile:

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