Status of elm-ui?

Hi folks,

I’m curious if anyone knows what the development status of elm-ui is. I notice it hasn’t had a substantial commit in a year or two, and quite a few known bugs with Ellies attached.

I totally understand how real life tends to get in the way of big open source time sinks - just wondering if I (or others) should consider not using the library at this time due to temporary lack of maintainership. Or, perhaps, a call-for-contributors / call-for-help would be appropriate :slight_smile:



Hi @mitchellwrosen elm-ui is still under development. @mdgriffith is still working on version 2 which will also improve the animation story. It’s just that the road is winding with other projects being spawned and arriving soon (exciting times!).


Here is the branch @mattpiz is referring about : GitHub - mdgriffith/elm-ui at 2.0

Latest commit was 17 days ago.


Well, Elm UI is very alive, at my company we have several projects ongoing that are very good and I even created a full class using Elm UI here →

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