Is elm-ui still relevant?

I have an Elm app that has been running in production for a few years and it uses elm-ui. Now Im planning on updating the UI and I would like to use one of the many Elm frameworks like El-Ui-widgets.
I can see that elm-ui hasn’t been updated since last time I was working on my app.
I really enjoyed working with elm-ui but am wondering if there is any new kids on the block that is recommended instead?

Thanks for any advice, Martin

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Yes. Elm-UI is still relevant.

Elm-Ui-Widgets im currently not sure if I want to recommend. It is still working, but im not planning on updating it - So if something is missing, you will have to implement it yourself. (However, i will gladly merge any interesting sounding MR)

Personally, I went back to plain old elm/html. I was using elm-css for a while, but then felt like the added type safety does not really give me anything, so I dropped it. (Also as a sidenote: @ryannhg/css-in-elm - npm is really nice, if you have an existing stylesheet)


elm-ui has been my go-to library for making view functions. Just as good today as it was when I started using it some years ago.

I’ve started two major projects in the last six months. Both use elm-ui.

I’m not aware of something I’d rather switch to … but part of this is personal taste & working style. elm-ui fits well with the way I think about things.

I’ve heard a rumor that Matt Griffith has been working on a new version.


Yeah I’m still using it for all my frontends. There is ongoing discussion about the v2 in the elm-ui “Incrementing Elm” discord channel.

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I’m using it in most of my projects.

Be aware of an issue, if you use it for long time you may forget CSS.

I needed to create a simple layout in CSS the other day and if it was not for chatGPT, I don’t think I could have done it


Since 2020 I use only elm-ui for my own projects, still very relevant.
And v2 is being developed on a different branch, and discussed on discord “Incremental Elm”.

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What’s the best way to try out elm-ui v2?

Ok, thanks! Elm-ui it is.

Another topic maybe, what is the easiest way to get a nice date picker in elm-ui?

One more question, is there any framework or guidelines for adjusting the UI for different screen sizes?

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Clone these repos:

Then refer to them in your elm.json:

    "source-directories": [

Docs are here:

Is the idea still that drop downs is a no-no?

There’s no framework that I know of. Guidelines wise check out the Responsiveness section of Element - elm-ui 1.1.8

My approach would be to pattern match on the DeviceClass and Orientation types and then adjust your view as appropriate. Sometimes this might mean creating a whole new view for Phone, Portrait, other times simply changing the container from a column to a row. It all depends on your own specific requirements.

That’s the Elm-UI advice and AFAIK it hasn’t changed. I’ve created custom drop downs when I really wanted one in the past, and I think there may be packages for them, but usually there is a better, more user-friendly way of obtaining the required information from the user.

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There is this one for date picker elm-ui-datepicker 5.0.0

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