Weird Action by caused by elm.js?

background: I am following the tutorial at in which it creates a elm.js file for the first webpage example. Its a very basic tutorial where elm.js is in the document root. I am running this tutorial on Windows7 and Sublime Text.

I’ve had 2 separate instances where behaviour seemed strange when using elm commands:

  1. Running $ elm install elm/http - launches elm.js in Sublime Text instead of the expected result. Fixed by renaming elm2.js (I later renamed it make back to elm.js)

  2. Running elm reactor, it also launches elm.js in Sublime Text instead of going to localhost:8000. Fixed by renaming file back to elm2.js again.

Is elm.js reserved for something? Its not really an issue, I just found it unusual.

.JS extension is listed in Windows PATHEXT environment variable, so Windows executes elm.js.

See for example.

You can remove the JS extension from this variable (this might be sometimes useful for nodejs though, I’m not sure) or use another name for the elm js file.

cheers for the response and link!

Alternatively you could use elm.exe install elm/http as PATHEXT is only used when command has no extension.

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