Error while parsing the elm.json file

Hello everyone,

today I wanted to get back into Elm but unfortunately I have a problem with my installation. I’m using VSCode + Elm extension.
The problem is the following:

ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'some_path\elm\packages\elm\browser\1.0.2\elm.json'

It seems that the language server wants to parse this file but the path is wrong. The correct path is:


The difference is that the second path has an elm version subfolder.

Does somebody know how to point the language server to the correct location?

I have the problem on Windows10 and Arch Linux.

Hi @marius I think you might have a setup issue? The correct elm extension for VSCode is this one: GitHub - elm-tooling/elm-language-client-vscode: Improving your Elm experience since 2019
Is that the one you were using?

Otherwise maybe clear your elm home repository (~/.elm on linux) and your elm-stuff/ and try again?

Hey, please check if elm --version is working on your cmd.

Hello! Sorry for the late response. Yes I’m using the current Elm extension. So I got it working on Linux. Right now I’ve deleted the elm installation on Windows and I check if there are any remaining files. At least it runs on my main distro atm.

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