Say Yo ! Or how to kickstart your Elm Spa in a snap

I just published my first medium article about generating a minimalist Elm app with a yeoman generator :

Any feedback is more than welcome :slight_smile:


Nice writeup!

I also created a yeoman generator for Elm projects with the idea of having fewer moving pieces out of the box by default. One of the things I wanted to add when I get back around to working on it some more is options for different types of starter apps, which you already have!

I used Parcel as a build tool in my generator, since it emphasizes the same simplicity I value in Elm (although there is currently a moderately annoying bug).

Anyway, all of this is really a preface to ask - do you have plans to add anything else to your generator, and if so, are you interested in collaborating?

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Hey @matt.cheely ! thanks .
I enjoy parcel too , i like the minimalist and zero config approach.
I have no plan of adding new features, but we can join forces with pleasure . Tell me what are your plan, we can continue to talk about that in DM

My go to is

It has hot module reloading and progressive web app configuration and unit testing out of the box and you don’t even have to check in the configuration. The docs also show you how to set up ci and GitHub pages deployment as well as any kind of customization you might need.

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