I am self-hosting my own Discourse server. Is there any way to integrate some Elm based webapps into Discourse?

For example, I would like the right hand side of my Discourse page to show specific public tweets based on a few whitelisted hashtags. I was thinking that it could be a good way for me to practice some elm, but not sure on how the integration would work.

Maybe the @ElmModerationTeam would know about this (assuming they are in charge of hosting this Discourse server?)

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We are hosted on discourse.org, so I don’t have any advice regarding plugins. Sorry!

As far as guides go, this appears to be the authority: https://meta.discourse.org/t/beginners-guide-to-creating-discourse-plugins-part-1/30515

It seems like you could replace the JS there with the compiled output from the Elm compiler.


Yeah, I think that is the way to go. Going to give it a try and see!

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