Is there a "draft" feature in Discourse?

Hi there,

I’m quite new to the Discourse thing and I was wondering if there was some kind of “draft” functionality that I’m not finding. I actually don’t know if it is even possible with Discourse but I’ve seen in few meta discussions here that some functionalities seems to be up to the Discourse instance, so just asking.

My use case is that sometimes I’m thinking of something I’d ask / discuss with community, but I’ve still few things to check first that might take few days. I just need a place to write down my thoughts and I’m not trusting myself to not deleting by mistake a temp gedit instance or similar if it stays open for a long time.

Discourse will automatically save a single “new topic” draft (after the ‘saved’ message appears when you pause typing). This does save on the server and allows you to return to your new topic on another device.

I think the Discourse team are deliberately trying to avoid a complex topic draft feature, so if you need a more robust method of saving a post, you will need to save it externally. I recommend using, as your Gists are associated with your GitHub account. Also, if you name the Gist as <filename>.md, it will automatically be rendered as a Markdown file, which will display formatting the same way it will display on Discourse whenever you do make your post.